SS预测捷克线坦克 图纸战车T-24和T-25

  contrary topopular belief, putting together enough info for an actual World of Tanksbranch is a slow and annoying process – like 70-80 percent can be put togetherfrom books and published photographs – no problem. It’s the 20-30 percent thatis annoying, as it involves looking for information about some pretty obscurestuff. This includes the proposed tier 5 for my medium branch, the T-24. Italso nicely illustrates the way some of the historical projects are assembledtogether.


  A quick summary:the T-24 was the “lighter” design competing with the T-25。 It got cancelledpretty early on during the war with only the (relatively well-documented) T-25remaining。 Regarding the T-24 itself, only one drawing is known, thereconstruction of its looks by Ivo Pejčoch。

  总之大概说一下:T-24是T-25的一个“轻型”版本。这个项目很早就取消了,只有T-25(相对来说资料不少)还留着。关于T-24,只有一个图留下来了,是由Ivo Pejcoch重建的。


  ds in Prague,that heavily damaged parts of the military archive。 There’s nothing much on theT-24 in the Škoda archive either except for one drawing (we’ll get to that)。


  The main sourcefor the T-24 project is Ivo Pejčoch. He’s a famous Czech military historian,who wrote MANY books and articles (he sure loves to write) and his “ObrněnáTechnika” series is probably the best source of info on armored vehicles inCzech language (apart from V.Francev’s books and of course M.Dubánek) – theyare usually reliable, but they are also written for general public and containsketches that are not always very accurate. But, there are few better books onGerman tanks for example available in Czech.

  T-24资料的主要来源是Ivo Pejcoch。他是一名著名的杰克军事历史学家,朱有很多书和文章(嘛,他貌似很喜欢写),而且他的Obrnena Technika系列丛书也许是捷克语中最好的装甲战车资料来源了(和V.Francev的书以及M.Dubanek的不同)-这些文章来源都很可靠,但是确实只是为了公众而写而且某些草图也不是十分的精准。嘛,不过就德国的坦克坦克介绍来说,没几个能比他的文章更好了。

  Anyway, back tothe T-24. Ivo Pejčoch reconstructed the drawing above and here’s how I believehe did it (I can’t be sure unless I ask him personally and he tells me ofcourse). There are basically two sources of info on the T-24. The first one isthe text description, that contains dimensions, armor thicknesses and othersuch data. These are historical documents, either a factory description orcorrespondence between Škoda and OKW (example). Second source is the Am 2029-Sdrawing. Here a lowres excerpt of it, so you have an idea what I am talkingabout.

  嘛,继续说T-24.我认为是Ivo Pejcoch重新绘制了以上的图(但是我还是不敢打包票,除非我直接问他然后他肯定会告诉我的)。这里有两个关于T-24的资料。第一个是文字叙述,包括了大小,装甲厚度以及其他乱七八糟一堆数据。这些包括历史文档,包括工厂记录或者斯柯达和最高统帅部之间的联络等等。第二是AM2029-S图纸。我这有个低分辨率的图,不过你看了就懂我在说啥了。


  This is adrawing from May 1942, depicting a what I think is an early version of T-25proposal. Note the two turrets.. There’s a problem with the hull though. Thedimensions do not match neither T-24 (too long) or T-25 (too short). Thesmaller turret obviously resembles the T-24 and since the documents only evermention the short 75mm for T-24, it can be assumed that this is a T-24 turretproposal indeed. The hull on the other hand has marked armor thicknesses, thatcorrespond to the T-25, so what this tells us is – T-24 and T-25 turrets arenot only compatible, but they are historically considered for one vehicle aswell.


  This was one ofthe very annoying parts of brainstorming the T-24 and T-25 existence in Worldof Tanks, as each tank only ever had one turret. So, now T-25 can historicallyget both. But wait, it gets better. Not only the T-24 turret on that drawing isnot identical to Pejčoch’s drawing (I have to find out how on earth did he dohis drawing in the first place), but the T-25 turret is not identical to the“advanced” T-25 turret (from October 1942 drawing) either. So basically, now wehave two turrets for T-24 and two turrets for T-25.


  What I THINK IvoPejčoch did: he took the hull from the Am 2029 drawing above and added the T-24documentary properties to it (length and such). Then he took the smaller turretand used it to recreate somehow the T-24 turret itself (unclear on that partbecause obviously they are a bit different). And he added values to it from thedocumentation. I mean… it’s valid (the hull above could very well be identicalto some stage of T-24 project), it’s just interesting to find out how thesethings came to be.

  我觉得Ivo Pejcoch是这么想的:他把Am2029图纸上的车体拿了过来并且加上了T-24文档往的那些数据(长度之类的),然后他把参照了那个小炮塔,又自己重新做了一个T-24炮塔(这方面不太清楚,因为很明显这俩炮塔不太一样)。而且他在文档里加了数据。我是说,数据是有效的(比如车顶的数据就很好,和T-24计划的数据符合),但是为何是这个样子,我很好奇。

  The conclusionis, it’s well possible to actually reconstruct the T-24 even from the originaldrawings now。 That’s good, one less obstacle gone。




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